How to Join (or “join again”)

AAUW-ODC MEMBERS: Please don’t let your membership lapse

AAUW members who fail to renew their annual membership by Sept. 30th must “join again.” (AAUW FY ends June 30th.)  Please follow instructions below as if you were a “new” member.

Join the AAUW-ODC branch right here.         

It’s easy as pie! With some sweet deals, too. JOIN HERE

AAUW ODC Membership Dues: $83 (FY 2021-2022)

Prefer to mail a check? Please complete this form before you put a stamp on an envelope with your payment enclosed to: AAUW-ODC, PO Box 9303, Chapel Hill, NC 27515.

After you join the local branch, don’t miss out on the discounts and perks offered with AAUW membership!

Students may join AAUW for a very small fee.  ($18.81)  Trivia Question for you: What year was AAUW founded?