AAUW-ODC Scholarship

Carrie Heath Schwenning Scholarship

Our branch supports its own scholarship, the Schwenning Scholarship, begun in 1928 by the Chapel Hill Branch. It has grown from being a loan of $100 per year to a scholarship of $1,500.

The scholarship is for a female graduate student at UNC-CH and is administered by the UNC Financial Aid Office. If Interested, contact: https://studentaid.unc.edu/graduateinfo/

In the early years, our scholarship was originally a loan, and the student was given 2 years after finishing her studies at UNC-CH to repay the loan at the rate of 4% per annum. Later, it became a fellowship. Its value has steadily increased. Between the early 2000’s and 2012, it grew from $500 to $1500. The scholarship was named in 1950 in honor of Carrie Heath Schwenning. She was a member of our branch for over 20 years and the wife of a UNC-CH economics professor. After her sudden death, the members of the branch voted to rename the scholarship as a memorial to their beloved friend.