May – June is AAUW annual membership invoice time.

AAUW fiscal year-end is June 30th. Deadline to renew: Sept. 30th. AAUW considers memberships lapsed if dues are not paid by Oct. 1. This does not apply to new members who join AAUW-ODC  in Spring.

Renewal invoices are emailed to members in May.

The email comes from AAUW (national) membership services but includes national, state and branch dues. The email contains a web link that allows you to click directly to your membership account at AAUW’s secure member portal where you may renew using a credit card. If you need to request another email invoice with this link (unique to you), please contact: Mary Sipple, Treasurer. If you prefer to renew by snail mail, please send a check ($83 in FY 2021-2022) to: AAUW-ODC, PO Box 9303, Chapel Hill, NC 27515.

Membership always involves the, “What’s in it for me?” question. WHY JOIN?