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Promoting equity and education for women and girls

Why become a member of AAUW-ODC?

With your dues and personal effort, you are supporting the work of AAUW at three levels: national, state and through our local branch.  In short, you are supporting research (both national and international) that seeks to improve the status of women worldwide.  Your membership will support efforts to encourage leadership among women of all ages and to introduce young women to the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  You will belong to an organization which strives to encourage families to educate their girl children.  Many parts of the world value their boy children more than their girl children.  Boys are therefore accorded more education and more health care.  In less developed countries, each year in school delays marriage and childbirth thereby reducing childbirth death rates.  AAUW works with other organizations to research feasible and inexpensive methods to encourage girls’ health and education.

On the local level, we raise funds for a $1500 scholarship (the Schwenning Scholarship) given to a female graduate student in need at UNC-CH.  We host a fundraiser to contribute to AAUW’s Education Fund.  Every year, there are approximately 15 female graduate students from the U.S. and from overseas that receive AAUW fellowships sponsored by our Education Fund in the triangle alone.  Each year, we invite two of the area’s AAUW’s fellowship recipients—an inspiring and rewarding program because it gives tangible evidence of our good work.  To a one, the fellow recipients have said that they would not have been able to finish their studies without AAUW financial help.  This past year, we also provided support to NCCU’s Elect Her program.  Duke University also participates in this program.  Elect Her helps young women develop the skills to run campaigns at the college/university level with the hope that many will go on to run for positions of leadership in their communities as adults.  Our country ranks 90th in the world in nationally elected female representatives.  And one last reason to join—our monthly programs sponsor knowledgeable speakers on a variety of eclectic subjects.

On the state level, AAUW of NC continues to work in coalitions including NC Women United, NC Voters for Clean Elections and Action for Children.  The current budget proposal contains significant cuts in education, and Medicaid which disproportionally affect women and children.  Our AAUW of NC state leaders are advocating for women and make it a point to talk to the legislators and lobby for women and children.

On the national level, AAUW continues to advocate for the many challenges women face.   Although June 10 marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, the gender pay gap still exists.  AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap revealed that factors such as race and ethnicity affect the gap in salaries of Hispanic/Latina and African American women even more than Asian and white women.  AAUW continues to push for a Paycheck Fairness Act—a law that would help end wage discrimination by closing loopholes in labor laws that allow it to persist.

There is much work that remains to be done.  AAUW has just released its newest research report: Women in Community Colleges. Four million women attend community colleges—women of all ages, races, and ethnicities.  One million of these women are mothers, balancing the roles of caregiver and student.  They face unique barriers and AAUW is working to educate policy makers, and to help ease the path to a better life.

Please join and help improve the status of women in our community and throughout the world.

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July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017

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